Sunday 30 December 2018

Wednesday of Week 7 Year 1

Being arrogant, intolerant and judgmental are some reasons or symptoms that prevent us from becoming effective followers of Jesus. When we are arrogant, intolerant and judgmental, we begin to think that only us or those within our circle are legitimate followers, and others are viewed with disdain or suspicion. For example, in church we may come across certain leaders who begin to think and behave as if they are the parish priest, just because they have been appointed to a certain position, or they have been heading a particular ministry for a while. When someone else appears to be doing good or serving the church in other ways, such persons begin to find ways to put others down, so that only they or their group would appear important or indispensable.

In today's Gospel, John saw someone who was not in their group driving out demons in the name of Jesus, and he tried to prevent them. Perhaps John thought that only those in their group could have the monopoly or privilege to drive out demons. But how did Jesus respond to John about this matter? Jesus told John to let the other person do what he was doing for whoever is not against them is for them also. Jesus was teaching John and the other disciples that as His followers, they did not have exclusive rights

What does this mean to us? It means that we cannot be arrogant, intolerant and judgmental when it comes to being a follower of Jesus. Instead, we should remain humble and show the mercy and love of Jesus. When we do so, perhaps others may come to know what it really means to follow Jesus, and hopefully become Jesus' followers as well.

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