Friday 28 December 2018

Wednesday of Week 6 Year 1

As children, and even as adults, we sometimes hear people telling us: "patience is a virtue." In a world where so many things are happening so quickly, and many of us are becoming more and more used to getting things done quickly, having patience is certainly harder for some of us to achieve. But the reality of life is this: some things just cannot be rushed. For example, we want to plant a mango or durian tree in our garden, but we cannot expect the tree to grow immediately and bear fruit. It takes years for the tree to grow, become strong, and eventually bear fruit. Even then, the first few fruits the tree produces may not necessarily be good to eat. It takes much patience, and lots of care, for the tree to eventually bear good fruit. When we exercise patience, we hopefully eventually get good fruit from the tree to enjoy.

In today's reading, Noah had to wait for 40 days of rain, another 7 days for the water to subside, and then another 7 days for the surface of the earth to dry up.Whether Noah liked it or not, he had to have patience for the water to eventually subside and the surface of the earth to dry up properly. What does this mean to us?  It means that eventually, we need to have patience and trust in God and wait. Are we willing to have patience, wait with hope, and trust in God's providence and care?

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