Friday 28 December 2018

Monday of Week 7 Year 1

Human criteria of being wise and God's criteria are quite different. For us humans, we are wise according to certain circumstances. For example, a person may be wise due to high education, but the person may not necessarily be wise when it comes to living choices. A person on the street may not seem wise according to academic criteria, but the person may be wise in finding creative ways to survive. Also, even within intellectual circles, one may be wise in certain subjects, but no one can claim to be wise in every subject. So, the question is: are we humans really wise, or do we seem wise only in certain aspects?

In today's reading, we are reminded that there is only One who is wise. The reading tells us: "All wisdom is from the Lord, and it is his own for ever. One only is wise, terrible indeed, seated on his throne, the Lord." The reading reminds us that only God is wise in all aspects and in all ways, and as such, we should humble ourselves and learn from God's wisdom, who far surpasses any of our own. Let us submit to His wisdom, since it is He who loves us and provides for us.

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