Friday 28 December 2018

Saturday of Week 6 Year 1

There are things and situations in this world which we experience through our senses. However, there are also things and situations in this world which we cannot see or understand, since such things and situations often are beyond our control or comprehension. When we are faced with such things or situations, what do we do? Some of us may try to live in denial, but the reality is that such things and situations would not go away or be forgotten so easily. So what then should we do? When we are faced with things and situations beyond our control or comprehension, we should then have faith.

Faith is believing in what cannot be seen and hoping in what cannot be fully explained. Today's reading tells us about faith from the beginning of the reading till its end. It talks about the faith of Biblical characters like Abel, Enoch and Noah. By their faith they came to know who God is, and by their faith they experienced His presence, and it was by their faith they did God's will. These prophets depended in faith in all they said and did, even though they faced things and situations beyond their control or comprehension.

What about us? Are we willing to have faith in God, just as the prophets in today's reading had, come what may? Let us not doubt any longer or be hesitant in doing God's will, but have faith in His providence and care, and give Him the greater glory.

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