Monday 31 December 2018

Saturday of Week 7 Year 1

We know how vast the universe is, and there are still many things about the universe that remains a mystery. Due to many limitations in our present technological state, there are still many things about the universe that are unknown, or little is known. When we look at how immensely vast the universe is, some of us may feel small or insignificant, since there seem much more around us. However, are we really that small or insignificant as some of us may feel?

Today's reading drives home an important point which some of us may not be aware of. The reading tells us that we are much "more" than we think, even to the extent of being "more" than the universe which some of us are so eager to explore. This is because, as the reading tells us, God our creator clothed us with strength like His and made us in His image; He filled us with understanding and knowledge; and He put His own light into our hearts to show us the magnificence of His works.

So if we are significantly "more" than what we think we are, then what does this mean to us? It means that we should not look ourselves down, and "beware of all wrong-doing," especially when it comes to how we treat ourselves and how we treat our neighbour. Thus, let us be humble and grateful that God is lifting us up to "more" than what we think we are, and continue to serve him and glorify Him in all we say and do.

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