Sunday 3 December 2017

Saturday of Week 3 Year 2

We sometimes come across people who refuse or who are reluctant to admit their guilt. Even when they are confronted with facts and evidence proving their guilt beyond reasonable doubt, such persons would still refuse to admit or accept their guilt, and some even try to find a scapegoat and blame others such as a family member, friend or colleague, and some even go to the extent of blaming God, instead of taking responsibility for the wrong they have committed. Blinded by pride and ego, such persons think that they are never wrong or never guilty. Could some of us be having such a proud or egoistic attitude?

In contrast, today's reading shows us how King David responded when the prophet Nathan confronted him with the many sins he had committed. Instead of trying to worm his way out, or make all sorts of excuses, or deny his guilt, King David was docile and humble enough to admit his guilt and merely said: "I have sinned against the Lord."

What about us? Would we be willing to own up to our guilt, our mistakes, our sins? Or would we rather try to sweep things under the carpet, only to have such dirt exposed at a later time? Let us be humble and docile, just like King David showed us, and admit our guilt. After all, isn't it better for us to remove the stain of guilt earlier, than to let the stain remain and ruin our relationship with God?

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