Tuesday 5 December 2017

Tuesday of Week 4 Year 2

In today's reading and Gospel, we come across two different persons who came to Jesus for help. One came because she had tried all sorts of treatment to cure her haemorrhage, to no avail. The other, Jairus, came because his twelve-year old daughter was at the point of death or already dead by the time of Jesus reached Jairus' house. Both came to Jesus with great faith, and they came in their own unique way. Jairus came publicly, begging Jesus to come to his house to save his daughter's life. The woman came quietly, for fear of being exposed because she was ritually unclean, and inconspicuously touched the tassel of Jesus’ prayer shawl. Because of their great faith, Jairus' daughter was saved, and the woman's haemorrhage was healed.

What does this mean to us? It means that it does not matter what difficulty we are in or who we are; whenever we approach Jesus with sincere and honest faith, He comes to us without condition, to save us and heals us. He does not only heal us from our physical infirmities, from our shame and guilt, and from feelings of insecurities; Jesus comes readily to restore our dignity. Are we willing to make that great leap of faith like Jairus and the woman did, and let Jesus be our healer and guide?

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