Wednesday 22 November 2017

Saturday of Week 2 Year 2

Are we generous or big-hearted only towards certain persons or certain groups? Or are we big-hearted or generous towards all? Sometimes, we may have been big-hearted or generous only towards persons or groups we like, or we can get along with, or when it is convenient to us. But what about those persons or groups we are not familiar with, or we are not close with? Are we willing to be generous or big-hearted towards them as well?

In today's Gospel, Jesus' relatives thought that Jesus was out of His mind, since he was home and even then, a crowd had gathered and Jesus was still willing to be big-hearted and generous towards the crowd, even though, in their mind, Jesus ought to have some privacy and rest. However, Jesus' relatives missed the point about Jesus, since to Jesus, being generous or big-hearted knows no bounds or limits, especially when it comes to doing the will of God.

What about us? would we be willing to be big-hearted or generous, even to the point of forgoing our personal needs or comfort? May we be humble and follow Jesus' example, who showed us the true meaning of being big-hearted and generous, and in all we say and do, give glory to God.

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