Tuesday 12 December 2017

Saturday After Ash Wednesday

At some point of our lives, we may have come across persons who seem difficult to love or to be with. The easiest thing for us to do is to just ignore such persons completely, or shun them, or have nothing to do with them, or ostracise them. Some of us may begin to think that such persons are not worth our time, or that they are probably condemned or beyond redemption. But how many of us are willing to accept such persons, and journey with them, depending on God's grace and mercy to help them change and grow closer to God?

In today's Gospel, Jesus called Levi, a tax collector, to follow Him. Not only that, Jesus even had a meal at Levi's house, where with them at table was a large gathering of tax collectors and others. If Jesus was willing to reach out to such persons, who society despises, shuns or considers repugnant or as some may say, "bad company," what about us? Are we willing to follow Jesus' example and reach out to such persons too? Who knows, God has His ways, and by doing our part in showing care and love to such persons, they may return to the ways of the Lord. Let us not let our pride, prejudice and ego get the better of us, and learn to be loving and compassionate, just as God is loving and compassionate to us.

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