Wednesday 4 November 2015

Wednesday of Week 4 Year 2

Some of us may have allowed success and talent to get over our heads. When we feel that we have achieved something or are capable of doing something amazing or spectacular, we begin to think that we have done so through our own efforts. Some of us may even begin to feel proud and our ego may inflate. But is such success or talent merely from our own effort? Could we emulate such success or attain such talent in every circumstances?

In today's reading, king David, with the help of God, had subdued all his surrounding enemies and Israel became the greatest power in the region at that time. When this happened, success went over king David's head, and he thought that he had achived such feats through his own effort and through the effort of the Israelites. What king David failed to realise is that God was helping them in their endeavours, and in a rash act of pride and to boost his ego, king David did a census of the people. He apparently wanted to know the strength of his army and to flaunt the might and splendour of his kingdom. As a result, king David and the Israelites encountered the wrath of God and were punished for it.

At the end of the day, let us not forget that all the successes we have had and all that we have achieved is actually with help from God. We cannot claim total credit, since our abilities, talents and gifts are from God meant to be used for His glory, not for our own personal gratification or to boost our ego. May we learn to walk humbly before God and be thankful to Him, and in all things give Him the glory.

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