Friday 27 November 2015

Wednesday of the 4th Week of Lent

How many of us could claim to be able to remember almost everything that has taken place, or almost every item we own or had, or even most of the names of the many friends and acquaintances we have? Quite likely we would remember a few things, and forget others. We forget because the memory is possibly not so important to us; or we have had unpleasant or painful experiences which compel us to forget; or because we have too many things in our mind and too busy to remember too many details, possibly leading to information overload; or due to age. Sometimes, especially when times are good, when we are healthy or doing well in life, or when we are in crisis and think that we can solve issues on our own, we even forget about God.

But does God forget about us? No. Today's reading assures us that God will never forget us: "For Zion was saying, ‘The Lord has abandoned me, the Lord has forgotten me.’ Does a woman forget her baby at the breast, or fail to cherish the son of her womb? Yet even if these forget, I will never forget you." We may have forgotten about God at times, we even may have thought that we can do without God, and when we are in dire straits and think that God has abandoned us or forgotten us, we are assured in today's reading that God will never forget us and will guide us if we let Him. The question is: are we still stubbornly trying to go our own way and end up even more stuck in muck, or are we willing to humbly and earnestly turn to God, and let Him be our help and guide.

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