Tuesday 3 November 2015

Monday of Week 4 Year 2

When we are faced with evil, what do we do? Do we repay evil with evil? Or do we put our trust and hope in God, and do only what is necessary to defend ourselves, but not with the intention of retaliating or taking revenge? It is tempting to succumb to "an eye for an eye" mentality, but what should we Christians do and how should we respond?

In today's reading, king David was experiencing a double whammy. His own son, Absalom, had gathered enough support from among the Israelites and was now after his head. Not only that, Shimei, a relative of Saul, came along and cursed David and threw stones at him. King David could have taken these situations as an excuse to take revenge and retaliate, in an attempt to defend his kingship and wipe out his enemies, which would include getting rid of his son Absalom and Shimei. But did king David do that? No. Instead, he chose to humble himself before God and commended himself into the hands of the Lord when he said, "Perhaps the Lord will look on my misery and repay me with good ..." Even when faced with a crisis, king David chose to face it with humility and repentance, and he trusted in God's mercy and remained faithful to God.

What about us? Would we be able and willing to respond the way king David did? Or would we allow our pride and ego to get the better of us, and end up retaliating or taking revenge? May we be willing and humble enough to put our trust in God and let God be our guide.

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