Sunday 15 November 2015

Chair of Saint Peter, The Apostle - Feast

Those of us who have worked in the business world would know that management and marketing skills are much needed. It is not enough for us to just have a good product, it is also necessary to know how to market and sell the product, so that the company would make money and rake in profits. If the management and marketing is done effectively, and certain targets have been met, then employees would stand a good chance of getting an increment or bonus.

The church too has got certain management and marketing principles which can be found in today's reading, but for a different purpose. In the reading, St. Paul reminds us: "Be the shepherds of the flock of God that is entrusted to you: watch over it, not simply as a duty but gladly, because God wants it; not for sordid money, but because you are eager to do it. Never be a dictator over any group that is put in your charge, but be an example that the whole flock can follow." In the case of the church, the goal is not to make money and rake in profits, but to care for God's people and proclaim the Good News to all.

But such a task is not easy because of human frailty and weakness. This is where we need to depend on the grace of God, and to pray for the Holy Father, church leaders and even for ourselves, that we would be humble and willing to persevere in our efforts to be witnesses of God's love and presence in the world, so that others will come to know who is Jesus Christ.

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