Thursday 5 November 2015

Thursday of Week 4 Year 2

Most of us would have taken a flight from one point to another at some time during our lives. Some of us may have taken a flight to go for a holiday, others for work, others for studies, and others to visit friends and relatives. No matter what reason we are taking a flight, there are some limitations which are imposed on us so that the flight would be safe and free from potentially dangerous situations or delays. For example, we know that liquids cannot be brought into the cabin and must be stored in suitable bottles or containers in our checked-in luggage, and even so, with a limitation as to how much liquid that can be checked-in (usually about 100ml). Even the checked-in luggage has got a weight limit. For example, for the economy class, it is usually 20kg. Some of us may think that 20kg seems like a lot of stuff, but if we pack our luggage for a trip, we would soon find out how easy it is to exceed this weight limit.

In today's Gospel, Jesus has also set a weight limit as to how much his disciples are allowed to bring with them as they embark on their mission. Why did Jesus impose such a weight limit? Some may say that Jesus is doing so, so that his disciples would not be encumbered with too many things. But there is a deeper meaning to that: Jesus is actually teaching His disciples, and us too, that to be a disciple, God's grace is sufficient. The rest of what we want or need are less essential things or peripherals, and will be provided for when the time comes. Would we be willing to shed away the many things that we have come to depend on, and depend more on God's grace, knowing that He will provide for us?

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