Tuesday 24 February 2015

Thursday of Week 8 Year 1

How persistent and consistent are we in asking God for help? Some of us may have asked for help, but we doubt whether God is really listening or willing to help us. Some of us may have asked for help, but we become so easily discouraged when we do not get results quickly or the kind of results expected. Some of us even think that God is not going to help us anyway no matter how hard we try, and we go for other forms of help like witch doctors, shamans, feng shui, or even some form of divination, thinking that we would have a better chance of getting the help we want and expect. But when we have such attitude or do such things, would we certainly be helped? More often than not, we would end up disillusioned, disappointed and disgusted. So how should we seek help from God?

In today's Gospel, we come across a blind beggar who was very determined to ask Jesus to heal him. Even though he was scolded and asked to keep quiet, he refused to give up. He shouted all the more louder, asking Jesus for help. When he was called to come to Jesus, notice in the Gospel that he threw off his cloak to go to Jesus. The cloak was his security, the only piece of clothing he had to warm himself, but even that he was willing to let go, so that he could get to Jesus. Because of his faith in Jesus, the blind beggar could see again, and what did he do? He followed Jesus along the road, for he had found new security and joy in Jesus.

What about us? Are we willing to let go of the many things we cling to which become like a cloak to us? Are we willing to cling to Jesus as our new security instead? Are we willing to have faith in Jesus so that he may heal us? Let us follow the example of the blind beggar who was healed because of his great faith in Jesus, and let us be patient, persistent and determined, knowing that Jesus will help us according to His time and for His glory.

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