Friday 17 October 2014

Tuesday of the 1st Week of Advent

What does it mean to be childish? What does it mean to childlike? To be childish is "to be like a child" or "to be silly and immature." To be childlike, on the other hand, is "to have the good qualities, such as innocence, associated with a child." Some people may think themselves as adults or mature, but in some situations or circumstances, such persons may be quite childish in their attitude or behaviour. Likewise, there are people who have learnt to be humble and dependent on God's providence, being childlike in their relationship with God. What sort of person have you become?

In today's Gospel, we are reminded that there are things which are revealed to mere children and not to the learned or clever. This is not to imply that God is being unfair or discriminating towards the learned or clever. But what is happening here is that there are the learned or clever who have become quite full of themselves, thinking that they know it all. Such persons are unable to listen to the promptings of God, because they are unable to be childlike and depend on God's care and providence. Pride, prejudice and a bloated ego are some obstacles which prevent some of these learned or clever from becoming closer to God.

What about us? Are we making effort to be more childlike in our relationship with God? God is prompting and inviting us to learn from Him. It is up to us to change our attitude and behaviour, nd open ourselves to His care.

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