Friday 10 October 2014

Monday of Week 34 Year 2

Some of us say that we trust in God. The question is: do we have full and complete trust, or selective trust, or partial trust? Some of us say we trust in God, but we have doubts whether God would really help us. Some of these people may go to other sources such as mediums, feng shui, bomohs, medicine men, or some other means, thinking that if God does not really help them, they think at least they have a backup plan. But do these other sources really help, or are they merely harming us in one way or another? How many of us are willing to have full and complete trust in God's providence?

In today's Gospel, we see the generosity of the poverty-stricken widow who was willing to put in from the little she had, all she had to live on. Others put in what they could spare, or what was convenient to them, but this poverty-stricken widow had full and complete trust in God's providence and surrendered all that she had.

What about us? How generous are we in giving our time and wealth to God? Are we willing to have full and complete trust in God's providence, and just like the poverty-stricken widow, give all that we have to God? Or have we become more and more concerned about safe-guarding or increasing our wealth and abilities for ourselves, and become more and more calculative towards giving to God and to others? Sometimes we come across people who expect the church to do a lot of things for them, but they refuse or are reluctant or are unwilling to do things for the church, or they do as little as possible. God is generous towards all of us and loves all of us abundantly. Are we willing to be just as generous in return?

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