Saturday 4 October 2014

Monday of Week 33 Year 2

Every once in a while, we are faced with some difficulty or challenges or issues. When we are faced with such things, some of us may expect instant or quick resolution. When such quick resolution is not forthcoming, some may begin to pray earnestly to God, beseeching Him to help them. But what if we still do not get any help or response from God? Some may begin to feel angry or upset, some may think God has abandoned them, some may even give up or despair. But what about us? Are we expecting our issues or challenges to go away as quickly as possible? Or are we able to be patient and persistent in prayer, knowing that God will do what is best for us?

In today's Gospel,  we see how the blind man was patient, persistent and persevering in asking Jesus to have pity on him. Even though the crowds thought he was a nuisance and scolded him, he refused to give up or be cowed by the crowd. Eventually, the blind man was able to come up to Jesus and because of his faith and perseverance, he got back his sight. What about us? Are we able to be like the blind man, being patient, persistent and persevering? In a world where we have become more and more used to fast results, perhaps we could learn from the blind man. We know that God will help us according to His terms and His time. It is a matter of whether we are willing and humble enough to have faith and trust in His providence.

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