Saturday, 4 January 2014

Tuesday of Week 3 Year 2

When we read today's Gospel, some of us may take offence with what Jesus said. Some of us may say that Jesus seems to be "kurang ajar" or impolite or even arrogant towards his family members, whether immediate or extended. However, the point of the Gospel passage is not to belittle Jesus or to show His negative side. The point of this passage is to remind us that our relationship with God and with Jesus should go beyond familial or blood relationship. We are related, associated or connected to Jesus when we do the will of God. This means that it is not enough to merely have blood relations with Jesus. Anyone can say that they know Jesus or they are adopted sons or daughters of God. But that is not enough, they should also "walk the talk" and show their relations with Jesus through their good works and exemplary lives.

Are we doing the will of God? Sometimes some of us may be carried away, thinking that being adopted children of God is sufficient. However, as James reminds us in his letter: "Faith Without Works Is Dead (James 2:14-26)." Let us not be complacent and do our part in building God's Kingdom.

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