Monday, 6 January 2014

Friday of Week 3 Year 2

When some of us do something wrong, we may try to sweep it under the carpet, or try to create a ruckus or distraction so that the initial wrong committed may hopefully be forgotten. Some of us may even try to destroy the evidence of our initial wrongdoing. hoping that no one would be able to discover and use such evidence against us. Today's reading shows us an example of trying to hide or destroy the evidence of wrongdoing. King David had committed sin by sleeping with another man's wife, causing Bathsheba to become pregnant. Then he tried to hide the evidence by encouraging Uriah to go home and spend some time with his wife Bathsheba, hoping that Uriah would later think that the pregnancy was caused by him. When that failed, David got rid of Uriah instead.

If we look at today's reading carefully, we can begin to discover that when we sin, we may end up committing greater sin while trying to cover up the initial sin. Why are we so afraid, when we have a loving and merciful God, who is willing to forgive us if we are truly repentant and seek forgiveness? It seems silly for us to try to hide or destroy the evidence, as we cannot hide from God. Let us take courage and confess our sins, instead of trying to hide and get ourselves into more trouble.

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