Sunday, 12 January 2014

Monday of Week 5 Year 2

Healing takes place in many different ways. Sometimes, we see the immediate results of healing. Other times, the results may not be so obvious. However, if the Lord heals us, He does so completely. Modern medicine may be able to heal us, but there may be side effects which may occur, due to the use of certain medicines or certain medical procedures.

Today's Gospel shows the complete healing of many of the sick. These folks were healed by touching Jesus, even if it is merely "the fringe of his cloak." This shows the amount of faith they had on Jesus. They fully believed that Jesus would cure them and in return, they were fully cured.

In today's world, some of us may put our trust in modern medicine. While there is nothing wrong about that, we should also not forget the spiritual dimension. Sometimes, modern medicine is unable to heal us, due to one reason or another. But if we trust in God, and continuously and consistently pray to Him for healing, we know that God will do what is best for us. We may not get the results we want, as sometimes the result we hope for may not necessarily be best for us. However, are we willing to be persistent and ask God for His help, knowing that He will care for us?

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