Thursday 31 January 2019

Easter Saturday

It is certainly not easy for us to reach out to a person who is in the state of denial. It does not matter whether it is some form of serious illness, a loss, a discovery, or some significant matter; when a person is in denial, it is very difficult to convince the person to think and see otherwise. This is because the person refuses to accept the truth, even though it is already quite clear that what has happened has happened; and the reality is that one cannot turn back the clock.

In today's Gospel, Jesus' disciples were also in a state of denial. They thought that Jesus was gone for good, since they had witnessed His crucifixion and death, and they thought that it was impossible for Jesus to be alive again. That is why Jesus gave a piece of His mind to His disciples as He reproached them for their incredulity and obstinacy. Jesus not only reproached His disciples, He also sent them out to the whole world to proclaim the Good News to all creation, so that His disciples would snap out of their state of denial and do their part in helping others come to know Jesus.

What about us? Are we still in a state of denial and feel paralysed and unable to do anything? Or have we learnt to let go of our state of denial, and let God guide us and use us to bring the Good News to others, and glorify Him? Let us not doubt or remain in denial any longer, and go forth to proclaim the Good News with zeal and conviction.

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