Thursday 31 January 2019

Easter Saturday

We sometimes come across certain folks who are stuck in their incredulity or disbelief, and obstinacy. Such persons refuse to admit or budge from their way of thinking or way of doing things, even though it has been proven beyond reasonable doubt that their way may not be suitable or relevant, especially in today's world. For example, we still come across people who insist in doing their banking at the bank counter with a bank teller, even though the amount they are banking in is small, and such an amount could have been easily banked in using a Cash Deposit Machine.

In today's reading, the rulers, elders and scribes were incredulous and obstinate, even though they could clearly see that there was no way to counter the assurance shown by Peter and John. Even though the evidence was clearly in Peter and John's favour, the rulers, elders and scribes refused to admit or budge from their way of thinking, and the most they could do is merely issue a warning, since, as the reading tells us, "they could not think of any way to punish them, since all the people were giving glory to God for what had happened."

What about us? When we are stuck in our incredulity and obstibacy, we begin to become more and more like the rulers, elders and scribes, who have narrowed their way of thinking, even to the point of absurdity despite the fact that the evidence is overwhelmingly against them. May we be willing to let go of our pride, prejudice and stubborn ways, and be willing to let God guide us closer to His ways.

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