Wednesday 22 November 2017

Tuesday of Week 3 Year 2

We often make a lot of effort and time in building our relationship with our parents, siblings and loved ones. Sometimes we even bend backwards, trying to accommodate their requests or demands, in an effort to maintain family bonds. All these efforts are fine and good, but the reality is our parents, siblings and loved ones are not going to be with us forever. Some may move to another place and may be less reachable, some may pass away due to old age or sickness. What would become of us then, when our parents, siblings and loved ones are no longer with us?

In today's Gospel, Jesus is reminding us that our efforts should not only be in building relationships with parents, siblings and loved ones. Rather, our efforts should especially be in building a relationship with God, by doing the will of God. Our physical relationships will not last, but a spiritual relationship with God would last. Are we willing to double our efforts, and grow spiritually and closer to God?

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