Sunday 6 September 2015

Tuesday of Week 1 Year 2

Is there anyone among us who could say that we have never had any problems in life? I believe each and every one of us would have experienced problems in one way or another. It does not matter how small or how big the problem is, a problem is still a problem. So what do we do when we are facing a problem? How do we deal with the problem?

In today's reading, Hannah had a problem. She was barren, there was bitterness in her soul and she went to the temple of the Lord to express her distress to the Lord. In today's gospel, we also come across a problem - a man possessed by an unclean spirit challenged Jesus. But because Hannah and the man possessed by an unclean spirit had come to the presence of God with their problem, their problem found a solution: Hannah was delivered from her barrenness, and the man was delivered from the unclean spirit.

So if we are facing a problem, let us come to the presence of God with our problem. Let us offer our problem to God, trusting and knowing that He would give us a solution according to His time and for His glory.

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