Monday 28 September 2015

Friday of Week 1 Year 2

We sometimes ask for things from God without realising the consequences of our request. For example, some of us may have asked God to help us win a lottery so that we would have enough wealth to survive on; or some of us may have asked God to help us get a job we have been desiring. But the problem is, when we do get our requests, what happens? When we strike the lottery, we may be wealthy, but we may also begin to feel insecure and afraid, and end up finding ways and means to protect ourselves and secure our wealth from thieves and robbers (both imaginary and real). When we get the job we have been desiring, we may be happy for a time, but the job may turn out to be quite demanding beyond our expectations, and cause us to experience stress or even health problems, family problems and other issues which may crop up. So at the end of the day, is what we are asking God to grant us really good or helpful for us in the long run? Are we asking such requests for our own gratification, or for the glory of God?

The Israelites in today's reading had asked Samuel for a king. To Samuel, the only king they needed was God, but the Israelites were not happy, not satisfied, not content. They wanted a human king, thinking that such a human king would bring them fame, prestige, wealth and power. But we see that throughout the history of Israel, a human king ended up bringing shame, destruction, abuses and even exile to the Israelites.

What about us? Are we still stubbornly and obstinately insisting that God give us what we want? Sometimes what we ask for may not be what we really want or need after all. May we be open, humble and docile enough to let God do what is best for us, since He knows our true wants and needs.

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