Wednesday 9 September 2015

Thursday of Week 1 Year 2

It is interesting to observe how some people behave when they want or need something. Some of such people may all of a sudden appear to be extra nice towards others or extra prayerful, hoping that God would take notice and be nice to them in return and grant their wants or needs. Some may begin to become demanding towards God, expecting Him to listen to their prayers or requests. But what happens when God does not give them their wants or needs? Some of such people may begin to look for other gods or other means, thinking that they would by hook or by crook get what they want. But does God have to listen to our requests and obey our will? Are we trying to control God and build our own kingdom?

In today's reading, Israel tried to force God to help them win their battles against the Philistines. They brought the ark of God to their camp, thinking that God will have no choice but to protect them and help them, since in their mind, they thought that God was in the ark and He would not allow the ark to be captured and desecrated by foreign hands. But what Israel failed to realise is that God's thoughts are not our thoughts and God's ways are not our ways. God would act according to His Will, His terms and His purposes. In the end, the ark was captured: a major catastrophe for Israel, but not an issue for God.

What about us? Have we tried to get God to do our bidding? Have we forgotten that God is God and we should be doing things to build His Kingdom and for His glory, not ours? May we learn to be humble and docile, letting God be our help and guide, and surrendering to His Will. 

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