Tuesday 3 March 2015

Monday of Week 10 Year 1

Whenever we are faced with difficulties, challenges in life, or even persecution, what do we do? Some may try to isolate themselves and lick their wounds, some may think that God has abandoned them and allow such things to take place. But if we consider for a moment, what should a Christian response be in the face of such difficulties, challenges or persecution?

In today's Gospel, our response to difficulties, challenges and persecution should be one of happiness. Some may wonder, are we being crazy or weird for being happy in such matters? Actually, it is a matter of perspective and purpose. Being happy, as described in the Gospel, is not because we are being gratified or exalted or even having an ego boost. Instead, being happy is when we have the opportunity to glorify God in all we do, including when we are facing difficulties, challenges and persecution, since we are being witnesses to the Good News. Let us therefore take courage, knowing that our happiness is in the Lord, and He will guide us and reward us for our faithfulness and love.

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