Tuesday 10 March 2015

12th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year B

Life sometimes throws us a hurdle or a difficult situation which seems to have no solution or no way out. Some may feel as if their lives are crumbling to dust, or everything seems to be falling apart. Some feel as if they are in a boat which is being bombarded by waves at all sides, that it is close to being ripped apart or to the point of sinking; or some feel as if they are in a airplane being swayed dangerously around, to the point of almost stalling and falling from the sky. When we are in such a predicament, some of us may begin to question whether God really takes notice or cares. There are some of us who turn to God only at the moment of our need, when we are stuck in a rut or in a hopeless situation, but we may have forgotten about Him at other times, especially when times are good or when we are ok. On the other hand, some of us may be so overwhelmed by our problems that we have forgotten about God and we blame Him for deserting us. We accuse Him of doing nothing to help us and we are angry with Him because He does not seem to be helping us out according to our terms and our expectations. But the question is: is God answerable to us? Does He have to quickly rush to our aid without delay?

In today's readings, we are reminded that no matter how big the problem, no matter how great the obstacle, no matter how hopeless the situation may seem, we will not be overwhelmed by it. This is because, as the second reading reminds us: "The love of Christ overwhelms us when we reflect that if one man has died for all, then all men should be dead; and the reason he died for all was so that living men should live no longer for themselves, but for him who died and was raised to life for them." When we have Christ's overwhelming love, we no longer need to fear or be overwhelmed by other matters, since our lives are under His care and benevolence. Likewise, in the Gospel, Jesus admonishes us just as He admonished His disciples: “Why are you so frightened? How is it that you have no faith?” Jesus is the Lord of the storm and the seas; and the Lord of every problem, obstacle or situation that we may encounter, and He can help us if we allow him to be our Lord.

When we are faced with a problem or a difficult situation, we must allow Jesus to be our Lord and let Him give direction to our lives. The problem is: it is never easy for us to give up control, we want to take charge, we are reluctant or refuse to let go and let God take over. We continue to want to have control over the boat of our lives, even though we know that our efforts would not work out or even lead to disaster. But the fact of the matter is: do we want to remain in a vicious cycle, where we remain stubborn and try to face the situation or problem on our own, expecting God to get us out of our mess, only to end up angry and disappointed when it seems as if He is not helping? Or are we willing to let Jesus to take control, since it is He who must give directions and lead us according to His terms and for His glory; not we who give Him directions on what to do?

Sometimes the problem may seem to worsen, or we may have to live with the problem for the rest of our lives. But whatever the outcome may be, we must trust that God will take care of everything and provide us with what we need. Ultimately, it is His will be done, not our will be done. And if we are willing to accept God's will and let Him be our guide and help, then there is no need for us to be disappointed, angry or fearful, since we can depend on God to do what is best for us. Are we willing and prepared to let God be God, and be comforted and cared for in His loving embrace?

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