Sunday 1 March 2015

Friday of Week 9 Year 1

Do you believe that miracles can happen? Have you experienced a miracle before in your life? There are some who do not seem to believe that miracles happen, since they seem to take on a worldly view that science could give an answer and if it doesn't, then they would accept the fact that their fate is sealed. The funny thing is, such people sometimes experience a miracle and become believers. Such is the power of our loving God, who does wonders for us, though at times we may not realise it or experience it directly.

In today's reading, we see a series of miracles happening. In the reading, Anna was so full of joy of being able to see her son again that she exclaimed: "Now I can die. I have seen you again." We must remember that the Jews were in exile in Nineveh at that time and they were facing persecution, and for a Jew to leave Nineveh safely and return safely was indeed a miracle. Tobias used the fish gall on his father's eyes as medicine and as a result, Tobit was able to see again. Once again, another miracle had happened. Who would have thought that fish gall could be used to make a blind man see, but that was exactly what happened. Then, to top up the series of miracles, Tobias was able to bring Sarah his wife home. Sarah, in case some of you may not know, had been given in marriage seven times, and that Asmodeus, that worst of demons, had killed her bridegrooms one after another before ever they had slept with her as man with wife. But this time, God had intervened and the angel Raphael had chased the demon Asmodeus away, so that Sarah and Tobias could be together in peace.

Indeed, miracles do happen. Sometimes we realise it and give thanks to God. At other times, we may not realise it. But perhaps one miracle which we experience each day but we may of taken for granted, is the miracle of life. The fact that each of us is able to wake up every morning is already a miracle. Are we thankful for the gift and miracle of life that God has granted us each day?

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