Wednesday 12 November 2014

Friday after Epiphany

Some of us seem to have lots of things to do each day, and sometimes our involvement in doing so many things could lead some us to a crisis. On the one hand, we need to be active in ministry, but when we become too engrossed in active ministry, we face the danger of being worn out, tired and in some cases, burned out. On the other hand, when we begin to live a passive life and not do anything, we may lose touch of our ministry and in some cases, even our purpose as Christians. Both extremes certainly are not good for our well-being. So what do we do?

In today's Gospel, we can learn from Jesus on how to be balanced in our ministry. The Gospel tells us: "His reputation continued to grow, and large crowds would gather to hear him and to have their sickness cured, but he would always go off to some place where he could be alone and pray." Notice that Jesus was not always teaching and helping people. He also took time off to be alone and pray. We must remember that we are not superman or superwoman; we can only do so much. What we can do, we do our best, and the rest, let us leave it in the hands of the Lord. God will take care of the rest in His time. Are we willing, patient and humble enough to let God be God?

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