Thursday 6 November 2014

5th day within the octave of Christmas

It seems very easy for us to say things in our daily lives. There are times where we say one thing, but mean another. There are times where we say something just to sound good or to sound pleasing or accommodating. But saying without action is meaningless. Time and again we are reminded that "action speaks louder than words" and that we may be hypocritical if we do not mean what we say (or "cakap tak serupa bikin" in the Malay language).

In today's reading, St. John reminds us: "We can be sure that we know God only by keeping his commandments. Anyone who says, ‘I know him’, and does not keep his commandments, is a liar, refusing to admit the truth. But when anyone does obey what he has said, God’s love comes to perfection in him. We can be sure that we are in God only when the one who claims to be living in him is living the same kind of life as Christ lived." It is easy to say that we are Christians, but are we behaving like Christians? Do our actions and way of life show that we are Christians? Jesus taught us two commandments: love God and love neighbour, and yet even these two commandments seem quite difficult to keep for some. Some find it easier to love God whom they cannot see, touch or come face to face, compared to loving others, some of which could be quite difficult or a challenge to love. And yet, this is what is required of us. We are only deceiving ourselves and others if we do not truly love God and neighbour, since keeping God's commandments means keeping all of His commandments and not what we wish to pick and choose.

Let us be truthful and genuine in living in Christ, letting Him guide us in our actions. Let us also make every effort to not just call ourselves Christians, but to show that we are Christians by our love. Are we willing to change our ways, come out of our comfort zones and be real in our love to all?

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