Friday 18 July 2014

Birthday of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Feast

Each and every one of us has got a purpose and role in God's plan of salvation. Sometimes we do not know what our purpose and role is. Sometimes we are aware of our purpose and role, but we do not understand why we are in such a purpose and role. Whatever the circumstances may be, our purpose and role is significant and not something we take upon ourselves. It is God who chooses us to fulfil such a purpose and role, no matter how big or small it may be.

In today's Gospel, we see the genealogy of Jesus. Each of His "ancestors" in the genealogy had a purpose and role in God's salvific plan, and this geneology also includes women being mentioned. This shows that God's plan of salvation involves different sorts of people, regardless of gender. Though we may wonder how some of these people fitted in, seeing that some of them lived "colourful" lives, we should remember that God can make crooked lines straight, and what we think as unsuitable is suitable in His plan. Even Mary, whose birthday we celebrate today, was not exempted from questioning eyes among the Israelites. Yet, God found her suitable and even gave her the honour of being mother of His son Jesus Christ.

If we feel as if we are too incapable or too sinful to serve any purpose in building God's Kingdom, take heart and know that God has His ways. He can transform what may seem to be a bad reputation or situation to something beautiful. Are we humble and willing to let Him transform us?

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