Saturday 12 July 2014

Beheading of St. John the Baptist

If you were to choose either to do what is popular or what is morally right, what would you do? Most of us may say that we would do what is morally right. But when a situation occurs where what is morally right could cause us to face persecution, to lose one's status or position, or even to face the possibility of being put to death, would we still stick to our principles and face any consequences with courage, knowing that God will care for us?

In today's Gospel, we see John’s great courage in condemning the marriage of Herod to Herod’s brother’s wife. This is a reminder to us that not everything that is allowed by law is morally right. Herod had John arrested and put in prison. John stood up for the truth and unfortunately like many who stand up for the truth today, he had to pay a price. John’s courage in upholding the dignity of marriage and condemning the adulterous relationship of Herod and Herodias was to result in his death by beheading in prison.

John’s courage in upholding the truth about marriage, and his subsequent beheading as a result, challenges us in a time when it is not popular to speak the truth or live by the truth. Some of us want to be accepted in society, in the world we live in, but there are times we need to choose: be popular in society and lose our relationship with God or vice versa. Let us choose wisely, for our eternal future.

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