Tuesday 27 May 2014

Monday of Week 11 Year 2

Wrath or rage is one of the seven capital sins we need to watch out for. We may fall into wrath or rage quite easily, especially when we have a short fuse or a quick temper. Wrath or rage can lead us to do worse things. Sometimes, we may even kill a person or several people. In the aftermath, we may become proud and refuse to feel any remorse, or we may regret our actions utterly. By then, it is often too late.

Today's first reading shows us how Ahab fell into wrath or rage, since Naboth refused to sell him his ancestral land. Naturally, Naboth had every right to sell or not sell, but Ahab was determined to get the land at all cost. Ahab had the gall to allow Jezebel to "settle things" for him, so that he could get the land he wanted. Here, we see a classic example of not only wrath or rage, but also greed and pride thrown into a deadly mixture.

Are we guilty of wrath or rage at times? We may not necessarily kill a person, but the words we utter in our rage could still kill. Let us be mindful of our temper and seek God's help to avoid falling into wrath or rage, lest we only bring ruin to ourselves.

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