Saturday 24 May 2014

Friday of Week 10 Year 2

Some of us look for God in the spectacular. We think that God should make Himself known via a grand entrance. Some of us look for God in beauty, wealth and riches, or in some sort of environment we think would be more fitting and appropriate. However, would we really find God in such situations?

In today's reading, Elijah came to the presence of God when he heard a gentle breeze. It is in the simple situation, the unlikely place, the strangest circumstances, that we may find God. The question is: are we sensitive enough to God's promptings? Or have we, over the years, been so flooded with all sorts of noise, expectations or experiences, that we have failed to recognise and acknowledge His presence? God is calling us in His own way and in His own terms to do His will. Are we able to listen and obey?

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