Saturday 31 May 2014

Corpus Christi

Some of us go through great effort or great extend to find good food and drink. We make trips to remote areas, long distances, brave through bad weather, traffic jams, difficult road conditions; all this just to taste and savour food and drink which will not last. Sometimes, the food and drink we crave for may just our luck be not available or sold out when we arrive.

However, how many of us truly value the body and blood of Christ? Today we celebrate Corpus Christi or the Body and Blood of Christ. Christ gave us His body and blood as real food and drink, not only to nourish us physically, but especially to nourish us spiritually. Do we see the value and preciousness of receiving Jesus' Body and Blood? At every Mass, we are reminded to prepare ourselves before receiving communion. Are we properly prepared to receive communion? Have we discovered any serious sins and gone for confession?

Perhaps some of us have become complacent about receiving communion. Some of us may have not been regular in attending Mass and receiving communion. Seems strange that we can be so diligent in looking for temporary food on this earth, but neglect in preparing ourselves and receiving food which is for our eternal benefit. Let us be aware of how precious, how significant, how special the food Jesus has offered us; and let us be properly disposed and prepared to receive it.

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