Tuesday 8 April 2014

Tuesday of the 4th Week of Easter

Do we belong to Jesus? Are we the sheep that belong to Jesus? Sometimes our attitudes and behaviour towards others seems to show that we belong to an exclusive group and only members of our group are significant or important. But today's Gospel reminds us, where Jesus said: "The sheep that belong to me listen to my voice; I know them and they follow me. I give them eternal life; they will never be lost and no one will ever steal them from me." Jesus did not say, "the sheep that belong to me from a particular group..." So, if this is the case, all of us can be part of the sheep that belong to Jesus. Even in today's reading, we see how: "Some of them, however, who came from Cyprus and Cyrene, went to Antioch where they started preaching to the Greeks, proclaiming the Good News of the Lord Jesus to them as well. The Lord helped them, and a great number believed and were converted to the Lord."

Seeing that all of us are in equal footing in being the sheep that belong to Jesus, we should examine ourselves. How are we treating others who are different from us? Do we behave as brothers and sisters in Christ, as one children of God? Do we care and help others, without favouring particular persons, groups, etc.? Are we working together in building God's Kingdom?

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