Monday 14 April 2014

Monday of the 5th Week of Easter

Are we all the same? Some of us think that we are better or smarter than others, and we differentiate among ourselves according to status, rank, the amount of wealth we have, etc. When we go to a function or to a store, do we see equal treatment? More often than not, we see those who are in power or who have influence or wealth receiving special or VIP treatment. However, when we go down to the basics, aren't we all the same?

Today's reading tells us that "when the apostles Barnabas and Paul heard what was happening they tore their clothes, and rushed into the crowd, shouting, ‘Friends, what do you think you are doing? We are only human beings like you...'" Barnabas and Paul shows us that, despite all the wealth, power, capabilities, intellect, etc. we may have, ultimately we are only human beings. All that we have, all that we are, all that we value here on earth are only temporary and there will come a time when we could lose all these, especially when we die. Thus, shouldn't we be focusing more of what is permanent or eternal?

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