Sunday 6 April 2014

Friday of the 3rd Week of Easter

Some of us may have experienced a conversion at some point of our lives. We may have been born in a family of a different faith, and due to some incident, occasion or experience, we may have decided to inquire further of the Christian faith. Then, after much study and reflection, some of us may have decided to be baptised.

Perhaps not many of us would have experienced the sort of conversion which Saul did in today's reading. Perhaps our conversion story may not have been so dramatic or phenomenal. But the fact is our conversion story must have been so significant or impacted our lives so much that we decided to eventually be baptised, or we may have decided to change our lives and live in a different way, hopefully closer to God. When we experienced a conversion, how did we feel? Were we excited and enthusiastic about the experience? Were we ready and willing to share our experience with others, with the hope that they too may experience conversion in their own way?

When we feel bogged down with challenges in life, perhaps we could recall our conversion stories as a source of inspiration, reminding us that God is moulding us and helping us to grow spiritually. Life is a struggle, but when we recall how God guided us to change our lives, we know that we can depend on His providence. Let us continue to trust and depend on Him. After all, if He can change Saul from a persecutor into a defender of the faith, how much more He can transform us into something better, if we offer ourselves to Him with trust and sincerity.

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