Tuesday 11 March 2014

Tuesday of Holy Week

Each of us experiences our days and our nights. Life is never the same, since we have choices to make, and sometimes these choices will influence how our life turns out. We are given many opportunities to let God steer us closer to Him, but our behaviour, attitude, stubbornness, pride, etc. can cause us to drift further and further away, especially when our minds and hearts remain closed and we choose to avoid His loving embrace. Indeed, it may sound strange or tragic, but there are people who vehemently choose to remain away from God.

Today's Gospel tells us of Judas. Jesus knew what he was up to, and he was given a choice to stay with the group or betray Him. One can imagine the turmoil which may have initially been going on in Judas' heart, but when one is further engulfed in wrongdoing, in sin, in dissatisfaction, etc., one becomes more and more convinced to make an alternative choice. Judas took the bread and then left. Night had fallen. A soul had made its choice.

Which path are we choosing? Are we heading the same direction as Judas chose to go? Or are we choosing to remain in that narrow road which leads to life? Let us not be distracted or diverted from making a wise choice.

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