Sunday 9 March 2014

Palm Sunday

Today's celebration is full of ironies. At the beginning of the celebration, Jesus is cheerfully and warmly welcomed. People are waving palms and Jesus is treated like a VIP. However, when we come to the readings and Gospel in the middle of the celebration, the mood suddenly changes. Jesus is jeered, rejected and put to death.

The people had expected a messiah, but not the kind of messiah Jesus was. They wanted a messiah who would lead them and rescue them from their enemies, especially the Romans. When Jesus turned out to be not the type of messiah they expected, they got rid of Him. Instead of the King of kings, they chose a brigand called Barabbas. Jesus came to save them from their sins, but they were more interested in someone who could save them from their enemies. Jesus came to spread peace and love to all, but the people were not interested in such things. Indeed, so many ironies.

What about us in this present time? Are we also just as guilty in protecting and preserving our own interests by supporting those who could be of use to us? Or are we letting Jesus save us from our sins? Are we making effort to grow closer to God by sincerely and earnestly loving God and neighbour? Or are we no different than these people in the readings? Situations may have changed, but what is our real agenda? Jesus invites us to follow Him, take up our cross and let Him save us. Are we still rejecting and "crucifying" Jesus even today?

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