Sunday 16 March 2014

Easter Sunday

Some of us may have been running for something throughout our lives. We run for a better life or for a better job. We run for happiness. We run for the ideal girlfriend or boyfriend. Some of us, on the other hand, run away from something. We run away from our brokenness or from our broken families. We run away from our miserableness due to a job or a relationship. We run away from pain and suffering, or from our fears. Some people run to Church to get away from their problems, others may stay late at work to run away from their problems. People seem to be doing quite a bit of "running" these days. However, no matter how much we run for something or away from something, we can never run forever.

Today we celebrate Easter Sunday. Today, God is inviting us to stop running and come back to Him. The empty tomb in today's Gospel is a reminder to us that God has emerged victorious. We do not need to run anymore, since God has won the race for us. Our problems are no longer problems, when we recognise that God is there for us and He can guide and help us, no matter how big or small the problem may be. We may feel entombed by our difficulties and problems, but if we trust in God's love and care, we know that we can be redeemed and freed from our "tombs." Let us thus rejoice, for God is there, He is resurrected.

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