Friday 28 February 2014

Tuesday of the 4th Week of Lent

Some people can be extremists in the way they do things. One does not necessarily need to be killing or torturing other people to be called extremists. These sort of people are murderers, terrorists perhaps, but not all extremists do such things.

Today's Gospel shows us one form of extremism. The Sabbath was meant for people to spend time in growing in relationship with God and not to do unnecessary work. Yet, certain Jews were so extreme that they interpreted unnecessary work to mean not doing anything at all. Even curing people and carrying or moving things is considered work to them. Even today, if we go to the Holy Land, some hotels observe the practice where, on the Sabbath, the lift or elevator will stop at every floor so that people would not need to "work" by pressing the button to whichever floor they wish to go to.

When Jesus cured the man, the Jews began to persecute Him because he was not observing their interpretation of the Sabbath. What about us? Are we extreme in our conduct in one way or another? Do we observe the Lord's day and spend time with Him in prayer and listen to Him? Or are we so engrossed or extreme in our ways, that we fail to genuinely love God and neighbour?

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