Sunday 9 February 2014

2nd Sunday of Lent Year A

Do you know who you really are? Do you know who the person next to you really is? Sometimes we are not fully aware of who a person really is until that person reveals his or her true self. Some say that to really know a person, one needs to cause the person to become drunk, then the true self emerges. More often than not, we would not know a person completely.

The disciples in today's Gospel also did not really know who Jesus really was. They had seen him performing miracles, healing the sick, and preaching fantastic words. But they were still not fully aware of Jesus' true nature. When Jesus was transfigured, then only did they get a glimpse of Jesus' true identity. It must have been so awesome, so amazing, the disciples were on a high, and they wanted to be on a high for much longer, since Peter had suggested to construct 3 tents so that they could hang around for a while. But things would not last in that way forever. It was time to come back to earth, and the disciples were reminded to listen to Jesus and not to say a word about the vision to anyone until the Son of Man had risen from the dead.

We too might have experienced our mountain top experience. We would love to stay there longer, perhaps indefinitely. But we know that we cannot, for we still need to continue proclaiming the Good News to others. We have been given a glimpse of who Jesus really is, and so it is our turn to share this glimpse with others. Are we still stuck on the mountain top? Or have we begun our mission in bringing the joy of Christ to others?

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