Tuesday 18 February 2014

3rd Sunday of Lent Year A

Some of us will never be satisfied. We crave for so many things. Our list of needs and wants keep piling up, and it seems as if we will never be able to fulfil all our needs and wants. We become unhappy and dissatisfied. It seems as if the more we need and want, the harder it becomes for us to be content.

Today's readings uses water to symbolise God's love and care for us. We can survive without food for some time, but we cannot survive for long if we do not have water. In the same way, we cannot survive for long if we do not have God's love and care. Without water, we will eventually die. Without God, we will die an eternal death.

Everything that we strive for to fulfil our needs and wants is only temporary. But what God offers us is a living water which will quench our thirst, and satisfy us completely. The Samaritan woman in today's Gospel was offered that living water of God’s love and forgiveness, even though the people in her town had shunned her. With this living water, we will never be thirsty again. With this living water, we would not need other temporary substitutes. Are we still stubbornly looking elsewhere?

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