Monday 12 July 2021

Saturday of Week 26 Year 1

Life as Christians is never easy. We face all sorts of challenges and difficulties, especially since we may need to take a stand or a position which is contrary to the ways of the world. For example, at work we may be asked to promote goods or services which may bring in huge profits and possibly a big bonus or a big pay raise or even a promotion, but such goods or services may be at odds with the teachings of our faith. When this happens, would we being tempted to go astray from God's ways to the ways of the world? The ways of the world have many attractions and benefits which try to lure us into alienating ourselves from God, and that is why we need to take courage and try hard to avoid going astray. When we fall into temptation, it is not the end yet, since God gives us many opportunities to seek forgiveness through the Sacrament of Reconciliation, change our ways, and remain in God's path.

In today's reading, the prophet Baruch gives us a message of hope: "Take courage, my children, call on God: he who brought disaster on you will remember you. As by your will you first strayed away from God, so now turn back and search for him ten times as hard; for as he brought down those disasters on you, so will he rescue you and give you eternal joy." Baruch reminds us not to give up or give in to despair, but to keep on trusting in God and walk in His ways, trusting and knowing that He will help us. Even though we may be facing challenges, ridicule and persecution for holding steadfast to our faith, we know that God will not abandon us. Are we willing to be humble and patient in our journey towards eternal joy with Him?

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