Friday 9 July 2021

Saturday of Week 23 Year 1

 It is easy for us to say that we are Christians, but how many of us really follow Jesus' teachings and commandments faithfully and completely? Some of us may be Christians only in name, but we want to do our own thing and according to our own way. Some of us may be Christians, but we follow only those teachings and commandments which are beneficial or convenient to us. How many of us are humble and willing to accept and follow Jesus' teachings and commandments in its entirety, even those teachings which are hard or challenging for us to follow?

In today's Gospel, Jesus challenges us: "Why do you call me, “Lord, Lord” and not do what I say?" It is easy to say that we are followers of Christ, but it is certainly not easy for us to be steadfast and faithful in following all that He has told and taught us. Being a Christian is not just accepting Jesus and listening to Him, but also acting on His words and growing in His ways. May we act upon His words, and help others to do the same, for His glory.

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