Friday, 21 May 2021

Wednesday of Week 8 Year 1

Learning a new language could be a challenging experience, especially if one is learning the language as an adult. At times, the language itself could be, by nature, difficult to learn; or it could contain words specific to a certain gender, making it a challenge to know when and how to switch the words according to the gender. Because of this, we sometimes could end up seeing stars, or are in a daze, when we are struggling to pick up the basics of the language. However, after a while, we begin to get a hang of it and we may soon find ourselves becoming more and more proficient in the language.

In today's Gospel, the disciples who were following Jesus were dazed and were apprehensive. They had heard a lot of heavy teaching from Jesus about the cost of following Him, about persecutions and about service. What Jesus had been teaching the disciples is a different kind of language - the language of love and service. At first, the disciples could not comprehend what Jesus was constantly trying to teach them, since the language of love is not so straightforward. But eventually, they began to get a hang of it, and became more and more proficient in the language.

What about us? Have we become more proficient in the language of love? Are we able to communicate the language of love in the same way and manner Jesus taught His disciples and also us? May we make effort to get a good understanding of the language of love, practice it constantly, and encourage others to do the same, while giving glory to God.

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