Saturday 22 May 2021

Saturday of Week 8 Year 1

When we successfully complete a task or a job well done, some of us would try to grab credit or glory. Some may try to claim that the task or job was done through one's own effort, and in some cases, put others down to lift oneself up. While it may be good to give credit where credit is due, how many of us would be willing and humble enough to give God the glory for the task or job done?

 In today's reading, we see how credit and glory is given to God for the gift of wisdom. The reading tells us: "Thanks to her I have advanced; the glory be to him who has given me wisdom! For I am determined to put her into practice, I have earnestly pursued what is good, I will not be put to shame." Not only credit and glory is given to God, the wisdom received would be put into practice. Wisdom is not meant for one's gratification or to show how capable or great one is, but ultimately to give glory to God. Are we using wisdom properly for the good of others and for the greater glory of God?

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